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"When a person goes under the water,

they are seeing and connecting with

the environment in a way that most people will never experience."

Our project purpose

Since their recent discovery, there has been minimal documentation regarding these ancient animals.


We aim to form detailed records of each of these reefs - health, size, depth, turbidity of surrounding area

and how these factors affect and change the sponge reefs over time.


To create a baseline of the conditions and biodiversity of the reefs. This provides a foundation for understanding how the health of the reefs changes over time and what can be done better to protect them.


Surveying will contribute to global citizen science initiatives that track biodiversity change in sensitive habitats all over the world. Information will lead to better conservation and management strategies.


Education and awareness are ultimately how we are going to bring protection to these reefs. Let people see the efforts going into awareness and that these reefs exist and what they look like.

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